“Matt and I did a play together called Swimming with Sharks before we worked on Doctor Who and we really get each other. I think we manage to surprise one another quite a bit, and we’ll definitely work together again at some point in the future.”  -Arthur Darvill

Arthur on the Nerdist

LISA’S TOP 10 OF 2012

9. Karen and the Babes

These three. I will miss their companionship and all of their amazing jokes. They had great chemistry on Doctor Who and hopefully will continue being friends outside of it.

Karen - Singer and the Maracas

Matt - Drums

Arthur - Musical extraordinaire

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Part-time lovers, occasionally time travelers


alternate taglines (sit down, i have a pile of them):

  • ray-ban: the preferred brand of possibly hungover hipsters worldwide
  • ray-ban: because the clothes are second hand, but the sunglasses must be outrageously overpriced and also matching
  • ray-ban: these fucking assholes i s2g 
  • ray-ban: r u srs 
  • ray-ban: NO.